Who We Are ?

Indian Horticulture and food processing (IHFP) consultancy was started with team of advisory board consist of eminent scientists, experts in horticulture and agriculture engineers and Eminent and Experienced Marketing personals during 2007-08, The company was started to cater the need of progressive farmer who involved in Hi-Tech horticulture and food processing activities. Company has more than 200 progressive farmer and happy clients and the number is increasing every day. The wide variant of the farmers ranges from controlled cultivation like Hi-tech Green House, shade house cultivation for Horticulture and floriculture, Hi-tech open cultivation (mango, coconut, papaya, amla, Tamarind, Sapota, Citrus, TC Banana, Pomegranate, Guava, Grapes) cultivation, Tissue culture Laboratory and Hi-tech multi chamber cold storages. Admijhasghdfjk

 Our Vision

We will be the pioneer and leader in the Hi-Tech Horticulture and post harvest processing in India.

 Our Mission

“Strategic Partnerships for Building Tomorrow’s Horticulture and post harvest processing Enterprises in India.

 Our Facilities

  • Laboratory services : We have dedicated laboratory services for soil and water tests and other related test to establish “Hi tech Horticulture Farm”.
  • Project Report Services : We have team of Scientist and Chartered Accountant, eminent policy maker to prepare project report with the guidance of the central agencies.
  • Project implementation Wing : we have our own team to implement the projects. Green house and shade net implementation has been done with team of well qualified technical staffs.
  • Marketing Wing : We have the marketing wing for the final produces at Hi Tech Horticulture Farms. We have partnership with traders and dealer in major metro cities across the country.
  • Administrative wing : We have well qualified staff administrative at Head quarters and also at Branch office located at Salem and Coimbatore.
  • Project monitoring wing : We have qualified agriculture graduates to monitoring the implemented projects.

Agriculture is the backbone of India’s economic activity and our experience during the last 50 years has demonstrated the strong correlation between agricultural growth and economic prosperity. The present agricultural scenario is a mix of outstanding achievements and missed opportunities. If India has to emerge as an economic power in the world, our agricultural productivity should equal those countries, which are currently rated as economic power of the world. We need a new and effective technology which can improve continuously the productivity, profitability, sustainability of our major farming systems. One such technology is the green house technology. Although it is centuries old, it is new to India.


  • To take stock of the researchable issues in different horticultural crops, e.g. fruit and plantation, vegetable, tuber and spices, flower, medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • To discuss the reorientation in education and transfer of technology in horticulture sector.
  • To discuss the potential of new tools and techniques in biotechnology for crop improvement.
  • To assess the potential of advances made and preparedness for addressing biotic and abiotic stresses.
  • To share the innovative technological advancements in Hi-Tech and peri-urban horticulture and innovations by public and private sector including farmers.
  • To analyze the development in logistics for post-harvest management and innovative marketing and trade strategies.


THE ILAYA BHARATHI AWARD – for the year of 2011-2012 from Bharathi Panpattu Kazhagam, Madurai for promoting the Hi-Tech Horticulture farming (controlled cultivation) in Tamilnadu. And all the tamil tv channels telecasted our project and services worldwide.